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Asked on 15.11.2019.

Soft cookies line specification

Need help for making production line specification of soft cookies line such as : 

1. Wire cut

2. Deposited 

3. Fruit filled

4. Capacity : 500kg/hr

5. Fuel : LPG

Could you help me.

Answered on 22.11.2019.

You may find a recent article at biscuit people of help. It covers the buying of a snack cracker line, however the process of developing a specification, selecting and evaluating potential suppliers is relevant for all types of product. 

Answered on 26.11.2019.

Hello Tarik, please contact our company Procys (, we'd be happy to help you in your project of a production line for soft cookies. We're based in France and we develops, designs and builts tailor-made automated industrial equipment for the food industry.

Answered on 29.11.2019.

Hi amr Tarik

there are so many companies..u can contact with thrm and get offer I think u can get all detailed info

1. Comas 

2. Laser

3. Baker Perkins

4. Haas Meickhe

5. Anko

6. Omidi

7. Escort


if u need technical consultancy.  I can help.. because I have worked with all above companies in 12 different countries  my technical visiting..

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