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Asked on 05.08.2019.

sesame / wheat germ rancid issue

hi guys, im having quality issue in cookies which have sesame and wheatgerm in. the product packed in aluminium foil and went rancid in just 3-4 months. any solutions towards this? should i introduce nitrogen packaging or theres some technique to treat these ingredients?? million thx

Accepted answer
Answered on 06.08.2019.

Hi Lee, In addition to  all good recops  above  I can only add that rancidity on germ and seseme is due mainly because the presence of poli unsaturated fatty acids in the germ and and sesame seed. Providing some heat treatment to whole wheat flour or sesame can de-activate the lipase and helps the product to last longer.  Use of antioxidants can help as well.  In some markets you can find de--activated germ so you can add to your refined flour in the right proportion with bran also to make the whole wheat flour.

I hope this helps.


Answered on 05.08.2019.

Hi, apparently, rancidity is oxidative in nature as enzymes in the wheat germ are already deactivated during baking. Can you advise more about the quality of the wheat germ you are using and storage condition?

Answered on 07.08.2019.

Hi, I will try and summarize for you all above good and relevant answers in one paragraph, hope it will be useful.

1- Start with quality of raw materials: Sesame and Wheatgerm are full of PUFA among other things, so they are sensitive material. They contain also enzymes and therefore Wheatgerm MUST be deactivated type or you run a big risk. They naturally contain Anti-Oxidants but sometimes it gets lost during processing. So start with a good quality, deactivated and if possible defatted (if nutritionally accepted) Wheatgerm and of a good shelf-life, well sealed containers....etc 

2- Storage conditions: Extremely important to maintain good storage conditions, refrigerated is a must for those ingredients.

3- Check carefully all your system: Do you have copper / brass exposed to raw materials / dough? If yes it must be eliminated, those metals catalyze the reaction extremely fast and cause rancidity.

4- Use of Anti-Oxidants: If you are not abiding by what we discussed, A.O cannot bail out your product as they are consumed when free radicals are generated, of course depending on type of conjugated double bonds they have. Doron mentioned Rosemary extract, I don't know but it must be good. I would use A.O to extend the shelf-life of the product, but first I need to take care of all of what we discussed.

5- Packaging: this is probably the most important, none of what we discussed will work if your pack is not properly sealed or if you don't have enough oxygen barrier in your packaging. This information is available from your material supplier, you MUST ensure the integrity of your packaging.

6- Nitrogen will certainly help as well, but again not respecting the above recommendations and adding Nitrogen will not work. You need to understand that once rancidity starts and free radicals are generated, it goes very fast attacking other fats and breaking it.

7- Last, stay away from Lauric based fats (I'm referring to the fat you are using in the cookie), you can detect rancid taste at very low concentration (soapy taste).

Answered on 06.08.2019.

As Walid mention i will take a look at the storage conditions - but also take a look at the supplier and if production date is valid.

Avoid exposing it for heat, high humidity and air. Cold storage in sealed container.

Hope you wills olve the problems.

BR Christian

Answered on 06.08.2019.

Same as Christian an Valid mentioned. The wheat germ is very problematic, same as whole wheat. You should try two things: use natural antioxidant such as Rosmarin extract,  and use defatted wheat germ.

Answered on 06.08.2019.



the problem is coming from wheatgerm. it consists the enzyme. and these enzymes sometimes  don't kill during baking 100%.. and it increase the peroxide of the fat. so it senses rancid taste.. u have to supple inactivated wheatgerm so u can solve 100% absolutely . and also the sesame oil is also dangerous. if you cracke the sesame so much during making of dough and depositing machine forcing.. sesame oil willgo out .. the sesame oil is also high 103-116.. u have to mix the dough and deposit the dough gently.. 

pls also check ıidine value of fats:


beyhan :)

Answered on 06.08.2019.

Hi Mr. Lee

Actually the rancidity or off flavour of the biscuit is complex process , and many factors will cause it. I wrote one article about this in in biscuits people. Follow the below link you may find the solution.



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