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Post bake jam deposite on cookie
Dear all , as mentioned on the topic , I faced an issue when the jam (aw0.5)deposit on the cookie ,it turns really soggy after 3-4 months where I expected to stay crispy for a year. Any possible ways...
sesame / wheat germ rancid issue
hi guys, im having quality issue in cookies which have sesame and wheatgerm in. the product packed in aluminium foil and went rancid in just 3-4 months. any solutions towards this? should i introduce...
dough stick on forming roller
dear all, photo attached show the scenario during forming process of modified starch based dough.  the dough do not contain any flour thus , no gluten is form .  any one had come across this issue bef...
wafer stick/ flute spraying mist application
dear all member and experts, to make the wafer winds better, we introduced this dripping system to apply a thin mist during winding process, we used a microfiber cloth and the dripping needle to apply...
Wafer stick
Dear all , any wonder any courses provided for wafer roll process . We have issue of very fragile . Unwind at the end , and very fragile even tho stick well before cooling . We tried spray some mist...
oven burners flame intensity
dear all, im a rnd engineer from a food manufactures in malaysia , we have a 3 tunnel ovens, 4 zones, first 2 zone using direct gas and the 3rd and 4th using convection.  we produces marie type biscu...
Rnd outsource
Hi , I'm looking for Rnd outsource , making low aw caramel or fruit jam filling . Application for wafers and biscuit