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Asked on 29.11.2019.

minimum 6 months big size chewy cookie recipe

can u share minimum 6 months big size chewy soft cookie recipe ?

Accepted answer
Answered on 06.12.2019.

We are sharing an extreme high protein soft cookie with 26% proteins. When creating theese recipes it´s very important that the proteins are designed to behave in a certain way, in terms of water absorption, gelling properties etc. In extreme high levels, standard WPC 80 are not able to do the job.

If you want the recipe please send me an emal:

Answered on 02.12.2019.

What you want to make soft cookies on wire cut, co extruder or deposit, every process have the different recipe for chewy cookies

Answered on 06.12.2019.

use whey protein 15% with Skimmed Milk powder 5% for chewy texture. may be use  fish gelatine (optional) or Gum Arabic  less than 2 % pre-soaked for extra chewy texture , depends on your machine capability (wire cut or rotary moulding) , use more SBC for leavening because it will be sticky

Answered on 06.12.2019.

Mr  Zahid iqbal Zia

so thank u .. is there any ready deposit or wire cut cookie chewy soft  recipe? if u share with me.  I will be pleased. I want to test in my lab  and make shelf life test. minimum 6 mounhs softness during shelf life..

Answered on 23.12.2019.

Hello Mrs Beyhan. In case you will be targeting a Wire Cut Soft Cookie you may try out the usage of humectants in certain percentages. You may send me an email at

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