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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 14.11.2018.

How to decrease dough color?

How can we decrease dough color, towards to white, because our crispy dough turn to yellow,

Thanks your opinion

Answered on 16.11.2018.


Dough colour will be slight yellowish only even we do not add any colour due to ingredients like fat, invert syrup sugar etc.,  It will not come full white.  Will you able to list what are all the ingredients so that I will try to suggest to bring down the colour

Answered on 22.11.2018.

Mr Kadir, explain a bit more about type of product???

Answered on 03.12.2018.

which raw materials give color:

- malt





-milk powder

ıf u have these raw materials in your recipe,,, decrease them..

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