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Asked on 08.01.2021.

Setting up a new business - technical support needed

Dear consultants, I have no basic idea about biscuits production. However, I have a great passion to go into biscuit production in my country, Nigeria; Post my public service carrer life. Particularly, the production of peanut butter cookies, something close to nekot cookie (peanut butter sandwich cookies) produced in the United States of America. There is a great market locally, because of the huge youth population. Besides, this product is very appealing. Moreso, there are few industries locally compared to the huge population. In this wise, I want supports ranging from technical to sources where I can find affordable durable plant/Machinery to be deployed being a potential newcomer into the industry. Already, I have an idea of a layout building plan to be erected, and also relevant government certifications. I would appreciate any technical support/ advice you can offer. Many thanks, Regards, Johnson Evwierhoma
Answered on 12.01.2021.

Hi Mr. Evwierhoma, I am a Food Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in Cookies and Crackers. Maybe I could try to help in the development of your project. If it will be of your interest, please, just let me know. My kind regards.

Answered on 11.01.2021.

Hi Johonson,

For the past 5 years I worked in Ethiopia for a British / Ethiopian JV in Biscuit production. Started as a counsltant then offered a position as COO and lately as CEO. Previously, I worked for Gandour and Ulker.

If you need my assistance send me your email where I may provide more credentials.

Looking forward to hear ffrom your side.


Hassan Itani

Answered on 11.01.2021.

Hello Johnson Evwierhoma,

Please check our web-site at You will find details of the support we offer for setting up new biscuit production lines and process for new products. I have already been involved in many project in Nigeria with Baker Perkins.

Best regards, Iain Davidson

Answered on 03.02.2021.

It is better before starting any investement as it required huge capex cost please hire someone expert and specialized person who can design the project. starting at someone own a new bussiness is very risky. this is my advice.

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