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Asked on 29.11.2019.

high Protein and collagen cookie recipe and regulation

For high protein cookie or protein source cookie .. there is a regulation but I want to use collagen in cookie recipe.. do u know collagen regulation in bakery? what is the minimum dosage  to get positive effect of collagen?

Accepted answer
Answered on 06.12.2019.

Dear Mrs. Beyhan Ozenli,

interesting subject you have questioned. 

1-your 1st part is HIGH PROTEIN COOKIES : You may add high concentrated whey powder 15 to 20 % in cookies with SMP may also added . you may achieved high protein in your cookies recipe.

2- 2nd Part of your question is Collagen enriched cookies , I will not agreed with Christian Jonassen that Collagen is insoluble protein in water. it is water soluble also. collagen peptide is protein , found in animal skin and bones. major sources of collagen are fish, bovine and lamb. you may use fish Gelatine that is also based collagen peptide , Collagen is clean label m safe and GRAS ingredients, may be use safely , no limitation , depends on you  recipe that should be compatible , you may use pre soaked collagen peptide or fish gelatine 120 bloom in cookies . your last question was  to make Chewy Cookies , The texture with Collagen will be also chewy ,so you may make chewy texture with this recipe. use whey milk powder 15%+ collagen less <5% in cookies recipe.depends on your required texture . you will achieve good chewy texture with high protein with this recipe.for purchasing and more information and of Collagen peptide please visit

Answered on 02.12.2019.

Dear Beyhan, with all respect, collagen is an insoluble protein and with regards to AA composition and digestability it doesn´t contribute with anything useful, in terms of muscle building or preventing muscle loss. This with no regards to whether it has been hydrolyzed or not. 

Offcourse i want to emphasize the nutritional benefits of dairy based proteins as you will find all 9 essential amino acids here. You can also combine some of the plantbased proteints to obtain somewhat the same amini acid profile, but all in all i see consumers getting more and more focused on protein quality, in that sense i would skip collagen made from pigs skin, bones etc. 

BR Christian 

Answered on 06.12.2019.

To Br Christian

so thank u. I wqnt to learn tahta is there any average usage value for collegan powder. and regulation value in EU food additive regulation.  for example for prebiotic effect. there is.. but I havent found any info about collagen. what must be the collageb gram value for one portion cookie forexample 50gr cookie? thnk u.

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