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Asked on 28.11.2019.

Fat blooming solution

What is the solution for eliminating or reducing fat blooming? 

Accepted answer
Answered on 02.12.2019.

Dear Auurangzeb ,  You have not mentioned Fat bloom in chocolate or soft Cookies. 

Fat Bloom in Chocolate : white or gray fat crystals are appeared on the surface of chocolate both on enrobed and moulded chocolate , surface of chocolate looks cloudy.shine and gloss on chocolate is finished due to fat bloom

causes of fat bloom are

1- Bad tempering ,

 2-over chilling in cooling tunnel . 

3-poor storage condition ( too much humid areas) ,ERH should not more than 50% and temperature more than 18*C . 

4-partially addition of fat (cocoa butter ) at the  end stage of conching (don't use extra fat at the end of conching process)- some time extra fat addition is practiced  to keep it pumpable and flowable , that should avoid.

5-improper and insufficient emulsification , Quantity of emulsifier  is not sufficient , 

6-too much low / and or high  temperature variation during conching, 

7-fat is not compatible for chocolate, 

Answered on 29.11.2019.


Fat bloom in short dough biscuit, or which kind of variety, or chocolates?

Answered on 29.11.2019.

will help to u:)

Answered on 05.12.2019.
If it is fatbloom then it can also be caused by use of a cocoabutterfat alternative or replacer (CBS or CBR); usually it contains a recrystallisation retarder  as emulsifier.
It can also be sugarbloom by recrystallisation of sugar.
Some times you can see also bloom in the biscuit itself (white fatparticles) usually caused by too cold storage.
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