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Asked on 04.04.2018.

Black Carbon Particals on Bottom of Product at Steel Band Oven

I have a cookie product that run on Steel Band. Currently after few days (15-20 days) i observe black carbon particals problem on bottom of product. result is i have to discard that product. as a corrective measure i have to plan band cleaning on maintenance that involves in washing of band with suitable materials. But after few days situation become same, remember i have a single cookie product that run on that line continuously all the month no changeover of other product and this product is high in shortening as well.

My question is i want to eliminate this washing step as it involves manpower that is a cost and tedious process as well. I cant change the recipe as well i  mean shortening etc.

Is anyone have better solution that i my Steel band run for 6 or more months without any cleaning or production break or without any maintenance? If some one have better solution or idea can share with me. if any one using any other good practice to clean the Steel band can share with me?

Accepted answer
Answered on 05.04.2018.

Dear Mr.Khan,

This is regular problem who ever runs short dough variants in 'z'articulated band.  As dough particles stick to the band wire gaps and later becomes solid carbon and give lot of trouble as pale bottom, gauge and tracking of band etc,.  Even you apply any chemicals, washing and other things will put you into more problems.  The best solution is 

1.  Fix the band brush to cover entire width of the band. and see that both top and bottom brush runs opposite direction to the travel of the band.

2.  Give pressure in such a way that it is touching and giving pressure to the band at the same time band should not track.

3.  Heat the band more than 15*C from which normal highest temperature you keep in biscuit production.  For eg if your max temperature is 275*C then go to 290*C at the middle zones.  (this is to make the band expand little bit to loose the carbon that clogged the hole)

4.  Keep the baking time as much as slow possible so that band brush cleans the band, ( That means you are giving sufficient dwell time to mechanical rounding brush sufficient time to remove the particles.

5.  If patch of carbon is more those places only apply very thin layer of bee vax.  (do not put more it will burn inside and band may track.  

6.  By doing above operation the band will expand and brush will remove the carbon.

7.  Keep running the brush for one hour and maintain the temperature and see that band not tracking.

8.  switch of the burner and run the band for another one hour as more carbon will come out while cooling as band will shrunk now.

10 . after two hours of this with wet dough (maida+water+ some oil) clean the band.

You need to do above operation once in a week by giving break in production otherwise band will spoil and you will be force to change the band due to various problem you will be facing.

Out of my experience this is only give you problem free production for balance hours.

This question is resolved.
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