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Aurangzeb khan Chief Operating Officer-COO Cerealia Group of Companies in Food Technologist and Other
Black Carbon Particals on Bottom of Product at Steel Band Oven
I have a cookie product that run on Steel Band. Currently after few days (15-20 days) i observe black carbon particals problem on bottom of product. result is i have to discard that product. as a corrective measure i have to plan band cleaning on mai...
Adding bread crust into biscuit
How to add bread crust into biscuit? e.g. influence on process, formulation, etc.
Material combination of Flexible laminated films for biscuit packaging
How can we determine the correct  material combination of laminates ( Type of the laminates & thickness of the layers) are being supplied by the suppliers? Eg : 20 micron BOPP + 25 micron MCPP 
Looking for some cheap recipe
Hello we had buy a used biscuit factory and im looking for who can help by sharing some cheap recipe for rotary moulder.
Food technologist
Dear People, we have in Turkmenistan an ongoing project for the production of bakery products and biscuits, and we need to hire concerned professionals, as a production manager and food technologist, please contact me thru, if...
Anonymous User
Blisters on marie biscuits
There is a marie recipe with less fat and high water ratio. When producing there is large crust blister on top of the biscuit  We tried with reduce 1st zone temperature to avoid aggressive heat and then moisture was the next problem  steam also appl...
Ammonium Bicarbonate Assay(purity)
Please Suggest how to calculate % assay in Ammonium Bicarbonate. Here I mean the calculation.
Nureni Balogun and
What could cause of blister on biscuit and what could be the solution?
What is could  cause of blister on biscuit and what could be the solution
Olaniyi Alabi and
What is cost of installing airwaves technology and where is a supplier located?
What is cost of installing airwaves technology and where is a supplier located?
Anonymous User
Oven suction
Sir, tell me what is the indirect  tunnel Oven standard for suction pressure. 
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