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Asked on 24.07.2018.

Savoury cracker biscuits

Hi we are producing a savoury cracker biscuit and currently we are facing the problem of unable to get desired thickness of that biscuit 

What are the possible mehods to open up structure of a savoury cracker biscuits with salt sprinkling 

Answered on 24.07.2018.

Send me some pictures of ur biscuit.

Answered on 24.07.2018.

Hi,  are your crackers chemical leavened? 

a) Adjust up level of chemical leavening system. b) Check you baking profile, increase temperatures initial zones to spring the product.  c) Check if the raw pieces are having enough relaxing time after cut but before enter the oven. d) check if the dough is not too dry. e) check if you are using too much grounded biscuit in the recipe. I hop this helps. If need more assistance contact me to

Answered on 24.07.2018.

Hi, plz answer the following questions

what is your mixing sequence and times for each phase?

what % of ammonium bicarbonate you are using and how you are applying it?

what is supplier of ammonium bicarbonate?

how much puffing is coming and how much you need?

what is water and shortening/fat % in your recipe?

what is stay time of your dough?

Elaborate the above questions then it will be better to find out the real cause of less puffing. if possible share pictures of product as well?

Answered on 24.07.2018.

1. recipe: 

- increase the water.make softer dough

- increase the raising agents so open u will get open structure

- if it is fermented cracker. increase the yeast.. longer fermentation time

2. oven:

- increase the temperature

3. mixing:

- make the dough more strong. if the dough is too weak..

Answered on 24.07.2018.

can you also send your photoes of samples and your recipes.  we can understand much more and give advice..  may be there is a ram material balance problem in your recipe. 

Answered on 25.07.2018.

Are you leavening the dough or making cracker straight away?

Answered on 25.07.2018.

can u share your flour specification pls ?  

Answered on 25.07.2018.

share ur contact details i will reffer u a couple of books on the said topic.

Answered on 30.07.2018.


First of all let me know is it Fermented type savoury or chemical developed type. 

Answered on 01.08.2018.

Share the details still waiting for your feedback on it.

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