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Asked on 24.07.2018.

Vertical spindle mixer for sponge dough

Hi guys, just wanted to know how prevalent are the vertical twin spindle mixer still used in the industry for mixing of Sponge dough for crackers ? In the olden days, it was quite common but as I understand many have discontinued that practise today. What could be the possible reason for it? 

Answered on 24.07.2018.

Still used in many factories in particular in cracker but also some rotary moulding biscuits. This happen in particular in south america countries like Brazil or Argenitna. Although my opinion is that if you can afford a new one, better switch to horzontal arm mixer for cookies and chemical leavened crackers and only leave spindle mixer for saltines.

Answered on 24.07.2018.

Hi Mr Ritabrata,

Vertical spindle mixer for sponge dough are mainly used for the products like fermented biscuits who need two rounds of mixing. these have movable tub you mix the dough and move that tub in fermentation room. after your required time again mix that dough and process it further. in this way these are better for the products like that. 

these days these are getting out of date/obsolet due to horizontal mixers have better efficiencies and better dough mixing. people prefer horizontal mixers due to ease of handling and better capacities. for hard dough specially horizontal mixers are better and for fermented dough also good. for cookies vertical mixers have taken the place as well which are good.

Answered on 24.07.2018.

if u want to make 2 stage mixing preparation system.. u need verticsl mixer.  because first stage u have to make sponge dough and rewting and later mix 2. stage final.dough.  forexample cream cracker. soda cracker fermented dough. u need vertical mixer

Answered on 25.07.2018.

u can find some information from that page

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