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Asked on 25.07.2018.

Cracker began to increase its width, problems in box.

The product (saltine cracker scrap less mold) began to increase its width. Why may this happen? How can I fix it?

Than You

Accepted answer
Answered on 25.07.2018.

if u dont want to share your recipe. pls make that actions

1. decrease water. make harder dough

2. decrease the raising agent amonium 

3. use higher gluten content dough

4. decrease the yeast and resting time

5. decrease the relaxation of dough on the band before embossing

6. decrease sms

7. decrease the mixing time of dough

etc.. to get harder dough

Answered on 25.07.2018.

Hello, the product should be short too, letting the relaxation canvas slower is one way, another can be a stronger wheat flour being necessary to increase the enzyme protease.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

Check and answer the following things:

You need to check if size of ur embosser/cutter is Ok as for ur product or not? if size of embosser/cutter is more then required width will not be achieved. if these are ok then you can do following changes from mixing:

water quantity in dough? reduce a bit water in ur dough 

Reduce Ammonium bicarbonate as more it will puff more it will spread width wise

Increase a bit 2nd stage SMS mixing time

dough stay time before cutting? give some little more time.

increase protease enzyme it will reduce the shrinkage as well and retain the biscuit length and width OK.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

Share pictures of ur product and require width u want to retain??

Answered on 25.07.2018.

first of all pls send  your dimentions os cracker which u want to make. and your actual dimention of cracker. 

Answered on 25.07.2018.

if u share your recipe also. I can advice some recipe balance regulation.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

Check ur embosser/cutter settings as well.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

u can find some information  that page

Answered on 25.07.2018.

share ur details with me i will share with you a couple of good books on the said topic.

Answered on 30.07.2018.

Hi , I think you have to follows the previous instruction from Mr. Kahan and Mrs . Ozenill and share your details with the group members . 

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