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Types of Biscuits

A snickerdoodle is a type of biscuit made from butter or oil, sugar, flour and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They are characterized by a cracked surface.
The Winning Mint and Chocolate Combination
Mint chocolate biscuit are a sweet and spicy mix that works against all odds. They are usually eaten after a meal.
Viennese whirls: British biscuit in disguise
Viennese whirls are a sandwich biscuit made up of two shortbread biscuits held together with raspberry jam and buttercream.
Paprenjaci: a unique Croatian specialty
Named after pepper (papar), an expensive and rare spice in the past, these cookies are unique for their mixture of honey and black pepper.
Monaka, Japanese Sweet Treat
Monaka, biscuit made of azuki bean jam filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi flour
Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese almond cookies can be found all around the world, and there are many similar versions by appearance involving almonds.
Fig Roll, Egyptian Delicacy
This delicacy known all over the globe presumably dates to ancient Egypt. Figs rolls are a healthy alternative for dessert.
Scones: classic daytime treat
A lot of cookies or biscuits are perceived as a good companion to a hot beverage, but scones are an evergreen and it truly never goes out of style.
Digestive Biscuits
One of the more popular biscuits in the UK, digestives are soft and crumbly. Every second, 52 of them are being eaten across the world.
Bourbon Biscuit: the first biscuit on the moon
The bourbon biscuit is an oblong biscuit sandwich created by two biscuits of chocolate flavour with a filling consisting of chocolate butter cream.
Arrowroot Biscuits
Arrowroot is mostly used as a healthier alternative to cornstarch, so you know that arrowroot biscuit are not gonna break your diet.
Picture Perfect: Macaron cookies
Macaron is an airy biscuit that comes in a variety of tastes and colors. Although a recent trend, the original recipe is a few centuries old.
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