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Types of Biscuits

The Winning Mint and Chocolate Combination
Does mint and chocolate go together? Homemade Chocolate and mint cookies recipes and instructions.
Accidentally Made and Got Worldwide Fame: Chocolate Chip Cookies – What Makes Them Famous?
How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies? Chocolate Chip Cookies – What Makes Them Famous? What is inside and process manual for chocolate chip coo...
Rich Tea: The Most Dunkable Biscuit
Rich tea is a variety of sweet biscuit whose ingredients in general include wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar and malt extract.
Jammie Dodgers: Dr. Who's Favourite Biscuit
Jammie Dodgers: enjoyed by Brits for more than 50 years. Lear about the biscuits history and popularity on the silver screen.
Lady Finger Cookie
The ladyfinger cookie is a small sponge cake shaped in the form of delicate ladyfingers and regarded as a popular snack especially in England.
Cookie Roll
The cookie roll is a kind or crisp cookie or wafer, rather, which is very sweet and is rolled to have a hollow center.
Delicious Breadstick: Amazing Party Snacks!
Want to know what breadsticks are made from and the best way to eat them? How do Olive Garden breadsticks compare to others? Read-on to find out!
Biscuits from Around the World
Like to travel? Like to eat biscuits? Hop aboard then, as we take you on a journey across the world! You’ll be able to re-discover the biscuits we’ve...
Nice Biscuits: Tradition That Never Gets Old – Learn How to Make and Pronounce Them
Everyone likes traditional biscuits and Nice biscuit brand is the perfect example with a long history. Do you know how to pronounce them, are they hea...
How to Make Hobnobs: The Charming, Vegan-friendly Biscuits!
Ever wondered why hobnobs are named so? Maybe you're looking for alternatives to digestives? Prefer homecooking to brands? Then this article is for yo...
Marie Biscuits: A Simple Pleasure That Rules the World
A Marie Biscuits is a type of sweet biscuit that is quite similar to the English Rich tea biscuit.Marie is a classic biscuit made throughout Europe an...
Viennese whirls: British biscuit in disguise
Viennese whirls are a sandwich biscuit made up of two shortbread biscuits held together with raspberry jam and buttercream.
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