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Types of Biscuits

Digestive Biscuits
One of the more popular biscuits in the UK, digestives are soft and crumbly. Every second, 52 of them are being eaten across the world.
Marie Biscuits: A Simple Pleasure That Rules the World
A Marie Biscuits is a type of sweet biscuit that is quite similar to the English Rich tea biscuit.Marie is a classic biscuit made throughout Europe an...
Top 15 American Cookies: A Part of the American Dream
The USA is the leading economy in the world. There are many things they are first at and we would dare to say they’re the biggest cookie fanatics as w...
6 Reasons why Arrowroot is Good for You and Your Diet
The arrowroot is a starch obtained from the rhizomes of several tropical plants and is well-known for its numerous health benefits.
The Complete Collection of Biscuit Types
Collection of all biscuit type articles. Use it as a quick reference guide for your biscuits and different biscuit types research.
Top 11 Indian Biscuits: The Best Matches with Tea
In India, every day and its happenings must be accompanied by tea. It is a well-known fact that the Indian people love tea above any other beverage. B...
Different But Delicious: Indonesian Prawn Crackers
If you are a seafood lover, you would adore Indonesian snacks such as Krupuk, Rempeyek and Rengginang. They are all salty, seasoned and include prawns...
What Is The Story Behind Dalgona Cookies From Netflix's ''Squid Game'' Series?
Dive into the Korean cuisine and a new Netflix hit series ''Squid Game'' with dalgona candy - hear about long-lasting history, and the game that follo...
Mouth-melting Canestrelli: Traditional Italian Biscuits
The Canestrelli are delicious, traditional Italian biscuits, which make for a perfect afternoon tea snack. You can find the recipe right here!
Learn Everything About Glucose Biscuits: Tradition That Never Gets Old!
A glucose biscuit is usually a small, rectangular flat-baked sweet biscuit usually eaten in combination with your favorite warm drink such as coffee,...
The Best Way to Start Your Day – with Coffee and Morning Coffee Biscuit
Most of us start our day with coffee or tea or some other beverage to boost our energy in the morning. Many like to have an accompanying snack, especi...
Şekerpare biscuit: ''The main guest'' of Turkish tables
Şekerpare is one of the popular desserts in Turkish cuisine. Mainly prepared by baking some softballs of almond-based pastry dipped in thick lemon-fla...
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