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Types of Biscuits

Top 15 American Cookies: A Part of the American Dream
The USA is the leading economy in the world. There are many things they are first at and we would dare to say they’re the biggest cookie fanatics as w...
Enjoy Every Wedding and Holiday With Greek Kourabiedes Biscuits
Kourabiedes are almond biscuits or treats that are popular in Greece. They are a kind of shortbread with almonds and Greek brandy! They are very popul...
Bring back the Lincolns! The UK's Beloved Biscuits
Lincoln biscuits – biscuits so beloved by the people that there is a whole campaign to bring the back! Read-on to find out more about these classics.
The Best of Atta Flour: Simple Atta Biscuits and the Connection with Chai
Another Indian biscuit that is a staple in this country's cuisine and deserves to be in our Complete Collection of Biscuit Types is the Atta biscuit....
Sparkly, Colorful and Perfect for Parties: Make Funfetti Biscuits!
Ready for party season? We have perfect biscuits for every occasion: sparkly, colorful and tasty funfetti biscuits. Learn about its history, commercia...
A Match Made in Heaven (or rather India): Jeera Biscuits and Tea
Some cookies are simple and have a mild taste, while others offer a bombastically strong taste. Some are mostly eaten alone, some with another food or...
Tareco Cookies: A Subject of Music and Tradition
Brazilian food is often thought of as strong and richly flavored, which is great, but sometimes what you want is something simple and easy. A small li...
Fortune Cookie
The fortune cookie is a crisp folded thin wafer with a hollow inside in which is a maxim jotted down on a piece of paper.
Shortbread "Parliament" Cookies That Bring Luck to Brides
Shortbread is a sweet and crumbly biscuit originating in Scotland. It's easy to make and tastes great.
Bath Oliver: Wonderful Biscuits to Eat With Cheese!
Bath Oliver is a British biscuits with a rich history and background. It is loved by many people both in and out of England. I am excited to be writin...
Custard Creams: Traditional, 'Sandwich', Guinness-Certified Biscuits
Custard cream biscuits are similar to a sandwich. They have creamy, custard-flavored filling placed between two biscuits.
Marshmallow: A Flower or a Sweet Treat?
Their popularity is evident due to the number of varieties. They are different in every country.
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