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Shortbread "Parliament" Cookies That Bring Luck to Brides

Shortbread "Parliament" Cookies That Bring Luck to Brides

Shortbread is a not actually bread, it's a sweet, crumbly biscuit originated in Scotland in the 16th century when butter became commonly used. Today they are a popular treat all over the world and in The Complete Collection of Biscuit Types


Shortbread is a sweet, dense and rich biscuit. Bakers like to make these goodies because they are easy to bake and distribute. Legend has it that shortbreads originated in Scotland in the 16th century. It was around this time when butter became commonly used as an alternative to cooking fat. Shortbread is also known as the UK's greatest biscuit.

Talking about how easy they are to bake and distribute,
We cannot resist not pointing out at the outset the fact that only three ingredients are required for a basic recipe! Already wanted to make them yourself?

No problem, read on and discover the recipe. 

Shortbread is a traditional British cookie usually made of:

  • white sugar
  • butter 
  • wheat flour (which is pure wheat)

Sometimes other ingredients such as ground rice or cornflour are added to alter the shape. New recipes often deviate from the original by separating the sugar into equal parts of granulated and icing sugar and even different toppings.


The term shortbread could have come from the fact that this baked goodie comes with a crumbly short texture. It is also said that the name was given due to the big shortening amount used in the preparation. Shortbread is so named due to its crumbly texture (from an old significance of the word short). The reason for this texture is its high-fat substance, gave by the spread.

The short or crumbly texture is an aftereffect of the fat repressing the arrangement of long protein (gluten) strands. The related word "shortening" alludes to any fat that might be added to create a "short" (brittle) surface. On the other hand, the name might be gotten from 'shorts', the grain and coarse piece of dinner.

The huge measure of margarine is the thing that makes shortbread short: the term short, when applied to biscuits and baked good, implies brittle, as shortcrust baked good ought to be. It is the motivation behind why the fat added to biscuits and cakes is called shortening.

Shortbread Cookies Scotland

What does it have to do with a shortcake?

Shortbread is unique in relation to shortcake like they are family, but maybe cousins...  However they are comparative: shortcake can be made utilizing vegetable fat rather than margarine and for the most part has a synthetic raising operator, for example, preparing powder, which gives it an alternate surface.

Shortbread scones are frequently connected with typical egg-based biscuits, yet they hold their shape under tension, making them perfect for stuffed suppers.


Even though we have already said in the beginning that these cookies were invented in the 18th century, the first idea was visible centuries before ... How? Even when people found out about the first cookies ever!

So, in this paragraph about the history of shortbread cookies, for the beginning, we are pointing out the fact that they have a title 'on the throne of the oldest cookies'. Impressive, right? 

The origin of shortbread dates back to the 12th century and began life as a biscuit bread biscuits made from leftover bread dough often sweetened and baked into the oven and formed a tough, dry rusk. Scottish shortbread even fully developed from medieval biscuit bread, which was a twice-heated, enhanced bread roll cleaned with sugar and flavors and solidified into a Rusk (delicate, improved bread). In the long run, margarine was fill in for yeast, and shortbread was conceived.

... And the credit goes to...

Shortbread may have been made as ahead of schedule as the twelfth Century, anyway its creation is frequently ascribed to Mary, Queen of Scots in the sixteenth century. Slip Tails were a conventional type of shortbread said to be delighted in by the sovereign.

The round shortbread was enhanced with caraway seeds, prepared and cut into triangular wedges. The triangles take over after the state of texture pieces used to make slips during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Shortbread was likewise made in individual round rolls called shortbread adjusts and in a rectangular section, which was cut into dainty pieces known as 'fingers'.

These types of shortbread are as yet made today. In the meantime the leavening was skipped and replaced with milk, rendering butter a pricey treat that was only obtained for Christmas, Hogmanay, and weddings.

How make shortbread cookies? Ingredients

Shortbread is a type of cookie or biscuit that is made traditionally with flour, white sugar and butter. In modern-day recipes, cornflour or rice flour is added for a change in texture.

The traditional sugar is also being replaced by some bakers with powdered or granulated sugar. Salt is also added to some recipes. Some people mistakenly think that shortbreads and shortcakes are the same. However, the difference is in the ingredients. Shortcakes are prepared using vegetable fat and baking powder or other chemical rising agents. For people who prefer to consume products made of natural ingredients, there is also a version made with pure natural ingredients.

Shortbread cookies baking


After preparing the shortbread dough, bakers shape them into biscuits. The round shape is the most commonly preferred by housewives because they are easy to make and they do look great when properly arranged on a special platter during the special holiday seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Most commercially available shortbreads are prepared and baked in a round shape, which is then cut into smaller pieces while still hot. This practice is ideal for easy to pack cookies. Shortbread biscuits also come finger-sized, with some that are rectangular and resemble fingers.

Since shortbread dough can hold its shape quite well, they are great for decorating. Some bakers use forks or stamps to make different images, patterns or decorations in the dough before baking. There are shortbread bakers that also dip the baked products in chocolate for added flavor and design.

Traditionally, shortbread is prepared this way: three parts flour, two parts butter and one part sugar. The individual dough is then placed in an ungreased baking sheet and baked at a low temperature until the golden color is achieved. Some bakers prefer to bake their dough whole and then cut into serving pieces as soon as they are removed from the oven.

Bake these cookies fast, they all need to be in the oven for about 12 minutes and eat. You need to make 3 dozen cookies with enough flour, but it all just depends on the size you cut them. If you are brave and want to take them on another level, dip them in some melted chocolate. Or just drizzle a caramel sauce and sauce with chocolate or a thin powdered sugar dusting.

Healthy version

If you've never baked gluten-free, these cookies are a great treat to help you get on the track.  It is really easy and the recipe is the same, you just replace regular white flour with 1 cup of almond flour.


Shortbread is usually formed into one of three forms: one big round, separated into fragments when removed from the broiler; individual round rolls (short-broad adjustments); a dense chunk (thin, 3⁄4 "or 2 cm) cut in finger-splitting elliptical chunk; one large round triangle, which is partitioned into fragments when it is removed from the broiler.

Shortbread 1

These are not the only options!

Lemon or chocolate? 

They pair well with lemon juice or cocoa powder (just add whichever you like into your dough).


Moreover, the best way to eat them is to dip! Combine them with your coffee or tea and tip them for a second – you will get the completely new juicy full-flavored taste.
Shortbreads are served with coffee or tea because they are easier to eat when softened. Shortbreads are very firm and this characteristic makes them ideal for packing in decorative paper or tin cans and can be given away as Christmas gifts. Currently, shortbread is considered as a popular souvenir or gift from Scotland.

Aside from the plain shortbread, other varieties are being distributed in the market today like ones with chocolate, nuts, and fruits.

Can You Freeze Shortbread Cookies

Yes, absolutely! These cookies freeze without any problems! To freeze, place shortbread cookies in an airtight container and place it in the freezer. They can endure in the freezer for up to three months.

Butter cookies or shortbread?

Often some butter cookies brands are mistaken to be shortbread cookies. It is easy to mess yourself up because they are similar because of its' butter!

Shortbread treats have the most elevated proportion of margarine to flour. I have found (and Schend affirms) that shortbread—generally heated at a lower temperature than the other two treats—will, in general, be brittle and exceptionally delicate. I generally spare those for in-person blessing giving. Delivery shortbread is a formula for disillusionment.

While butter treats still have a high extent of margarine, the measure of flour and sugar is expanded, which implies they will hold their shape superior to a shortbread. Butter cookies are incredible for folding and cutting into shapes, offer a sturdier surface, and will in generalship well.

The popularity of shortbread has encouraged a lot of bread and cookie producers to manufacture high-quality goodies commercially. The following are some of the most popular manufacturers and brands of shortbread.

Most Popular Shortbread Producers and Brands

Walkers Shortbread

Walkers are the most popular and worldwide spread brand of shortbread cookies.It was in 1898 when Joseph Walker started with one mission, which is to bake the finest shortbread in the world.

In the first year of business, Joseph used every spare moment to perfect his shortbread recipe. It was time well spent. By 1975 Walkers had outgrown their extended bakery and moved to a custom-built factory. Up to this day, the tradition of making the finest baked products, including shortbread has been followed using the original recipes from Mr. Walker.

This brand offers you many varieties of shortbread biscuits such as orange, ginger, mint or chocolate flavor. Walkers shortbread is an unleavened treat and is just at any point made with pure butter, while impersonations frequently contain vegetable fat. ... Throughout the years, Walkers added season decisions to our exemplary shortbread contributions, for example, chocolate chip, stem ginger and vanilla, while as yet keeping up the mark shortbread surface.

Dean’s - Another popular shortbread producer is Dean's and it supplies great tasting shortbread from a factory located in the outskirt of Huntly town. The shortbreads produced from this factory are hand-baked and they are the melt-in-the-mouth kind and they come from the original recipe developed and popularized by one Mrs. Helen Dean.

In 1975 Helen Dean, a sharp home-baker, began putting her now on the map shortbread to raise assets for the Huntly pipe band where her significant other Bill was Drum Major. ... These outcomes in remarkable 'melt in the mouth' texture for which their shortbread and biscuits are well-known.

Knott’s Shortbread Cookies:

Knott's Berry Farm, a popular cookie manufacturer offers its shortbread cookies in different varieties like the Apricot Shortbread Cookie, the Raspberry Shortbread Cookie, the Strawberry Shortbread Cookie, and the Boysenberry Shortbread Cookie.

Other producers:

  • Border Biscuits
  • Caramel shortbread 
  • Countess
  • McVitie's
  • Kelley's Kookies – their specialty are shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate
  • Sablé – a French round shortbread cookie that originates in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, in Sarthe
  • Sandies – a shortbread cookie.

Interesting Facts about Shortbread cookies

  • Today, shortbreads are no longer baked exclusively in Scotland, but rather all over the world. They are simple to make and only require a few ingredients. If you like to bake and you've been struggling with hard to find ingredients, then maybe it is about time that you go back to the basics. Try baking shortbread using the traditional, flour, butter and sugar combination.

  • In the Shetland Islands in Scotland, shortbread cookies are traditionally used for weddings. The cookies are broken over the head of the bride before she is allowed entry into her new home. In Scotland, bakers classify shortbread as bread rather than biscuit in order to avoid paying additional taxes.

  • The National Shortbread Day is every sixth of January.

  • An early variety of shortbread, using ginger, was eaten during sittings of the Parliament of Scotland, and therefore the variety was sometimes called "Parliament cake" or "Parlies" into the 19th century.

  • Shortbread was chosen as the United Kingdom's representative for Café Europe during the 2006 Austrian presidency of the European Union.

  • Scottish chef John Quigley, of Glasgow's Red Onion, one time described shortbread as "the jewel in the crown" of Scottish baking.

  • Shortbread was delegated a bread by dough punchers to abstain from paying the duty put on biscuits.

  • The Scottish custom of eating shortbread on New Year's Eve gets from an old agnostic ceremony of eating Yule Cakes.

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