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Biscuit Brands

Indian's Gold: Parle G Is for Genius – Biscuits That Fit Perfectly With Water?!
Parle-G was declared the world's largest selling biscuit brand. In India, just as ‘Xerox’ is to photocopy, ‘Parle-G’ is to biscuits.
Misura: Italian Biscuit Brand
We have another Italian brand installed for you today!
Mayfair: Asian Food Industries
Read the today’s article to learn more about Asian Food Industries Limited!
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts: Crazy Good!
Pop-Tarts are an iconic part of the American culture and have been a part of numerous breakfasts for decades now.
Nutella Biscuits: Biscuits with a Heart!
Have you heard about Nutella biscuits? If not, you are in luck! We have just released an entire article dedicated to exploring these biscuits.
Canadian Specials: L.B. Maple Treat Cookies
The topic of this article is primarily about Canada and the specialty when it comes to sweets - maple syrup.
Paul & Pippa: It Tastes Good, and You Know What's in It
Like biscuits? Like a good narrative? Then the Paul and Pippa biscuits are for you.
Ceylon Biscuits Limited: A Crowning Success
Ever heard of Ceylon Biscuits Limited? They are a biscuit manufacturer from the island state of Sri Lanka.
Britannia Industries: One of India's Oldest Biscuit Companies
This corporation produces a dizzying array of snacks. Read-on to find out more.
Arnott's: Australia's Favourite Giant!
Wish to find out more about Arnott’s, their history, the history of their founder and their products?
Meiji: Say Hello to These Panda Cookies!
These cookies are super-cute, so read-on to learn some info about them.
Chips Ahoy! The #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie
Stick around to find out more about their history and some interesting trivia!
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