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The Chemistry Behind Baking Powder
Baking powder acts as a leavening agent. It's a mixture of a carbonate or bicarbonate and a weak acid used to increase the volume of baked goods.
Sheeting and Cutting in Biscuit Processing
Sheeting and cutting in biscuit processing is the most popular way of forming pieces of dough from fermented or developed dough, and in some instances...
Depositing is a form of extrusion which allows for the formation of dough pieces that are soft such that they are pourable, and is one of the simplest...
The key to control in rotary moulding is adjustability
Precision is the foundation of quality and consistency in rotary moulding, the industry-standard method of making soft dough biscuits.
Extruding Stage in Biscuits Production
Extruding stage in biscuits production is one of the simplest ways of making dough pieces. This involves forcing soft short dough through holes in the...
The Rise of Healthy Baking
A growing number of companies and brands are putting out healthier alternatives in their product range to accommodate their consumers.
Cooling and Handling in Biscuit Production
Before transferring freshly baked biscuits and cookies from the oven to the wrapping machines, it is important to ensure that the product is cool enou...
What Should I Know About Food Labeling?
We often see food labeling as something modern, but it actually started in the UK in the 13th century, under the Assize of Bread law.
Storage is the final phase of biscuit and cookie production that involves storing product in containers, facilities and conditions that are guaranteed...
Enzymes are Unbelievably Versatile and Effective
SternEnzym’s wafer pilot plant is run by a well-known bakery expert. Angelika Drakulic learned her craft from the bottom up, and has 20 years ...
How to Design a Dosing System
Automatizing the dosing system improves working conditions and eliminates human error, ensures precision and constancy in the process, optimizes space...
Perfect High-Protein Wafers Need the Right Kind of Protein
The protein enrichment stands out as a promising opportunity to satisfy consumer demand for innovative variations on the wafer theme
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