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Asked on 29.04.2022.

Recipe for soda crackers lamination and drying methods?

I need cream crackers recipe with fermentation mixing, lamination and drying methods. 

Accepted answer
Answered on 11.05.2022.

Hello Tarik

Besides the excellent comments of Andrew, I would add that the fermentation time will depend on the acidity or pH that you aim to achieve, taste and fermentation chamber conditions. Some factories use a sponge and dough method, with fermentation times that can reach up to 15 hours for sponge and 6 hours to reinforced dough. Normally, due to fermentation, cream crackers have 6,3 to 6,7 pH. Ensure that you have stable fermentation chamber %RH and Temperature, and a good dust distribution prior to laminating. Good Luck!

Answered on 05.05.2022.

Hi Alfonso,

I will list for you a generic recipe and production process for cream crackers using a short time fermentation (2 hours). Longer fermentations can be used which will result in crackers with more flavour (such as sponge and doughs) but these are too complicated to use if you haven’t made cream crackers before.

As well as the recipe you mentioned Baking and Drying which in an industrial baking oven are a continuous process.


Wheat flour 100.0

Dough Fat 16.0

Powdered Sugar 1.5

Salt 1.5

Yeast (dried) 1.0

Malt Extract 2.5

Water 28.0 (warm 35˚C)

Mixing Process

1. Dissolve the yeast in 5 litres of the water

2. Add all the ingredients into the mixer and mix for 4 mins on slow speed then 4 minutes on fast (don’t over develop the dough). Final dough temperature 38˚C.

3. Cover the dough and leave to ferment for 2 hours

Process the dough as follows

1. Sheet the dough and Laminate into 6 to 8 layers sprinkling up to 8% layering powder between each layer (75% flour, 25% fat)

2. Sheet the dough to 3.5mm and cut into cream cracker shapes

3. Bake on a continuous oven using a wire baking band for 6 minutes with the following zone temperatures 260˚C, 230˚C, 175˚C, 100˚C

4. Cool for approximately 10 minutes before packing

Andrew Hughes

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