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Asked on 12.04.2021.



Excuse-me for my fail. I put accept in a comment from Alfredo, but I don´t get solve the problem yet.

We don´t have an equilibrium between top/bottom for Soda Cracker in our equipament.

The principal problem is the same. I have a SODA with blisters or I have Soda plan. 

I'll think in the next tests try to take off heat bottom in the last two zones, and turn off the top burners in the first two zones, what do you think about?

We don´t think in use SMS, but we'll make a tempt in the next tests.

We probably make those and this week, thursday and friday. 

Kind regards for all friends.

Answered on 12.04.2021.


I would be cautious when you add SMS to a fermented dough like Soda Crackers as it can reduce yeast or sour dough fermentation as well as effecting the protein linkages (dissulphide bonds) which can reduce dough elasticity, If you add it try very low levels.

Answered on 18.04.2021.


The blisters are arisen from water evaporation having air bubbles trying to diffuse and escape from the texture.

I would also recommend to adjust the level of the emulsifier (would it be Soya Lecithin?) as well as adjusting the double acting acidulants with baking soda (I would like to know which are the raising agents used).

Thereafter we should observe which are the dough sheet reductions in the gauge rolls, trying to achieve as much as possible the smoothest possible dough sheet thickness reduction.

I wish you good results.

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