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Hard and soft dought biscuit production
Hi biscuit people! We are looking for experimented consult that can work with our company on a business plan, recipes and cost studies. Thanks
Cracker Flakiness
Hi, Needed input to get more flakiness and open texture in Mini Crackers. Tried dusting High Heat & High Moisture Initial zones Oven Profile Use of enzymes like Proteases, Amylases and Arabina...
Making a Biscuit Softer and Less Sweet
How can l make my loose biscuit softer and less sweet? My current recipe is: 134kg flour,39kgs rough sugar,15kgs icing sugar,18 kg fat,1kg salt, 700g bicarbonate soda,3.5 litres syrup,140grammes sod...
Help us decide the ideal production amount for our soda crackers!
Hey everybody. I'm a chemical engineering student and as part of the final project of my bachelor's degree me and my group are working on the production of soda crackers from cassava, breadfruit, yam...
What should be the ideal length of tunnel oven for small scale cracker production?
Tunnel oven for biscuit snack crackers (output = 50-100kg/hour):What should be the ideal length of tunnel oven for small scale cracker production ?How many temperature zones required to get the intend...
Dears Excuse-me for my fail. I put accept in a comment from Alfredo, but I don´t get solve the problem yet. We don´t have an equilibrium between top/bottom for Soda Cracker in our equipament. The...
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26 February 2021
With over 30 years of professional experience in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, I am Corporate Process Manager and a Biscuits Specialist at M. Dias Branco, the largest company in the w...