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Asked on 03.04.2022.

Advice on a generic recipe and a generic process of Snack fish Crackers type?

Hi and good morning.  I'm trying to develop some crackers like whales or gold fish , I have tried everything but I couldn't get the texture (hollow n flaky) and the flavor. So I'm here. Can you help me with a generic recipe and a generic process for this type of crackers or some advice?  thank you 

Answered on 07.05.2022.

Hi Ruben

flour 100.000

fat 5.750

cheddar cheese 21.000

sugar 0.800

yeast extract 1.600

activated dried yeast 1.000

inactivated dried yeast 1.000

sodium bicarbonate 0.135

cream tartar 0.090

salt 0.890

spice 0.350

colour 0.370

water 28.700

Answered on 11.05.2022.
Hello Ruben

Try using a well-distributed layer of dust (salt, flour, ammonium bicarbonate) between sheets prior to laminating. Work with 5, up to 7 layers when laminating. Use a reduction rate of 2 to 2,5 in gauging rolls, to avoid rolls overwork, that may damage dough layer (4-gauging pair units are recommended, but it is possible to do it with 3). You may want to use some modified starch and enzymes for better results, the supplier can indicate the best type. Do not work too much the dough in mixer (max. 6 min dough stage), you can use hotter water instead, and maximum 38ºC final dough temperature. Of course, you will need an adequate flour, that will provide good extensibility and texture. If it is getting hard texture, you may want to decrease flour protein content to max 12%. Do not use too high temperatures in first zone, use a gradually increasing temperature curve, with higher temperatures in second and peak in third zone (in a 4 or 5 zone oven). Work with open extraction dampers in first and second zones, that will improve flaky texture.


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