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Asked on 03.11.2022.

Seasoning System

We are planning on investing in a seasoning system.  We are scheduling a test with an electrostatic seasoning application.  Does anyone have any experience with a dry seasoning system with an electrostatic component.  The company is ARBO and I would also like to inquire if anyone has any experience with this particular company.  Thanks!

Answered on 04.11.2022.

Hi Matthew,

I am a seasoning application consultant and I have been working in the food industry 35+ years. I supplied seasoning systems for many of those and was responsible for developing many new applications for snack and cracker companies worldwide

I do not like electrostatic seasoning systems, and I will tell you why

- Only some base components within a seasoning accept an electrostatic charge, so it will work on some but not all seasonings, you can also get a degree of separation of the seasoning

- The seasoning is 'electrostatically charged' after it leaves the seasoning metering system, the attraction is to an earthed metal seasoning drum, not to the product. The product is tumbled in this zone and consequently picks up the seasoning.

- whilst the charge does spread the seasoning well across the product, once applied the charge is earthed and has no further effect. So, the product has to hold the seasoning with some kind of 'adhesive'. This is often residual oil on the surface or another glue such as starch. 

- If you have a dry product the seasoning will not stay on the product

ARBO manufacture some good-looking seasoning feed systems, I have not personally worked with their products. The electrostatics are supplied by SAS, an English company that I do know quite a bit about. 

Answered on 04.11.2022.

The majority of seasoning systems I have dealt with was with the Spray Dynamics company which were the traditional seasoning and oil application systems . I think these types of is seasoning systems are the most versatile based on the type of product , amount of topping oil and seasoning while taking in consideration even coverage . 

I do think there might be opportunities with electrostatic seasoning systems where lower topical oil or seasoning levels may be required. Regardless of the system you need to understand or take in consideration simplicity of use, allowable space , airborne particles , ease of cleaning using good sanitation practices and ongoing maintenance in a commercial setting. If the opportunity arises where you can test in a pilot setting or speak to other customers using this type of technology is always advantageous. 

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