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Asked on 24.05.2022.

Oreo cookies - recipe for Oreo type cookies?


1. Is there any manufacturing scale recipe to be shared for oreo type cookies?

2. Oreo cookies is consider short sweet, rich short sweet or semi sweet dough type?

Thank you in adcance



Accepted answer
Answered on 26.05.2022.

Hi Amye

Oreo biscuits are grouped into the short dough category and are typically produced using a rotary moulding process similar to products like custard creams and digestive biscuits.

The black colour of the biscuit is achieved by using a high level of Cocoa Powder which is processed by Alkalising the beans before roasting this results in a dark brown to black coloured cocoa powder. These powders can be sourced from most of the major suppliers of cocoa and have a pH of about 9.

A typical starting recipe for an Oreo biscuit would be as follows:

Soft Flour 233

Cocoa Powder( black to dark brown) 17

Powdered Sugar 70

Shortening 44

Ammonia 2

Sodium Bicarbonate 0.5

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate 0.7

Invert Sugar 5

Salt 2

Lecithin 0.5

Water 35

(Note water may need adjusting dependant on flour water absorption)

Andrew Hughes

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