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Asked on 06.10.2021.
Nuts in Cracker

Hello everyone

I want to know what is the best way to prevent oxidation of nuts such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc... that are sprinkled on the crackers or mixed inside the dough?

thanks in advance

Answered on 06.10.2021.

Dear Faran

Some stability and prevention of oxidation possible only if you use the seeds after roasting and checking the moisture of the seeds.  If you use without roasting you will have all the problems.  

secondly good primary packing materials with good barrier properties for OTR then I think you are safe to market the product for at least 4 months shelf life.  If all ok it can be extended to 6months also.

Answered on 07.10.2021.

Dear Mr. Faran, together with Mr. Subramaniam advice that is quite essential, I would like to mention that I have had good results using Rosmarin Oil added to the dough or even added to the seeds, forming a film on its surface. Please, take care once it has its characteristic taste.

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