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Asked on 26.10.2018.

How to improve my product filling, shelf life & texture?


I am opening this topic to ask you for advice on different issues that I have in the production of my Chocolate Cookie.

As you can see the picture attached, my product is a chocolate filled biscuit.

My challenges are 1. I can not have a shelf life of more than 3 months and I wish to have a 1 year to be able to compete with biscuits.

2. The major issue is either a very dry product or it loses the crunchiness after 1 month

3. The filling we are using loses the paste form (becomes very dry, not liquid but hard form)

Here are the ingredients we put in the products :

- Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Fresh eggs, Milk Powder, Peanut Paste, Cocoa powder, Iodized salt, Baking powder, Sodium bicarbonate (E-500ii), Sorbitol, Soya lecithin (E-322), Antioxidant (E-319), Vanillin.

Thank you for your helpYou can see the dough & chocolate filling texture

Answered on 26.10.2018.
If you have right kind of process and ingredients in your product it should not spoil in 1 month it is very less.
Share moisture in baked products and oven zones temperatures baking time.
Share recipe of chocolate 
Either chocolate is getting spoil or biscuit is getting off taste or spoiled?

Share a bit more?
Answered on 29.10.2018.

Hi Jean Paul

Judging by the photo.   You are probably baking too fast at too high temperatures.

If the chocolate filling has started to be absorbed by the biscuit shell or it appears more like a paste than a liquid immediately after baking then you will know that temps are too high .  

 If the filling is still visibly liquid at the end of bake and you still have the problem then it suggests that your biscuit moisture is too low and over the coming days the moisture from your filling migrates into the biscuit shell.



Answered on 29.10.2018.

Hello Jean Paul,

It's not really clear to me what is the texture you are aiming to get? Crispy outside and creamy inside? 

In that case you should use a recipe for short dough and fill it with fat based cream.

I looked at your ingredient list and couldn't understand why you are using sorbitol? It might be the reason for the softening with shelf life.

As for dryness of the cream, try to use softer fats, about 26-30 deg. MP.

Good luck! 


Answered on 29.10.2018.

Dear Aurangzeb & John,

Thank you for your feedback,

What is happening is exactly what you described.

Either we are getting viscous/liquid filling which spreads into the Dough and makes us lose the crispiness of the biscuit or we get a dry solid form filling and keep the crispiness of the biscuit.

Basically, our main challenge is to get a viscous liquid filling without losing the crispiness of the dough.

Moisture in baked products :

Oven Zones temperatures baking time :

Kindly find the Specification of the Chocolate that we are using.

Answered on 30.10.2018.

Dear Jean- Paul,

share your oven profile in the picture it is not visible plz?

Answered on 31.10.2018.

Prebakes product parameters

Dough Temperature in C°-24.3

Dough Moisture in % -23

Dough gW - 0.88

Dough PH - 6.5

Dought in Grams - 30

Filling Temperature in C° - 30

Filling gW - 0.44

Filling PH - 5.1

Filling Weight in Grams - 10 


Burner set temperature in C° - 250

Zone 1 - 170

Zone 2 - 198

Zone 3 - 220

Zone 4 - 210

Baking time in Minutes - 15


Final Product Temperature in C° - 35

Final Product Moisture in % - 7.7

Final Product aW - 0.63

Final Product pH - 6.8

Final Product Weight in Grams - 30

Answered on 04.11.2018.

Dear Nassar,

there is seems to have problem in your baking your baking is as follows:

Burner set temperature in C° - 250

Zone 1 - 170

Zone 2 - 198

Zone 3 - 220

Zone 4 - 210

Baking time in Minutes - 15

Try to increase the temperature and bake in less times i mean reduce baking time and increase oven temperatures. 2nd thing as you mentioned is your product moisture is too high Final Product Moisture in % - 7.7 is too much product will deteriorate at this moisture and this moisture is not recommended in cookies, biscuits or crackers. try to evaporate the moisture by using your oven final moisture in your product should be around 3-4% maximum. Try these and revert back plz.

Answered on 08.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Nassar,

There is a multiple problem in the cookies.

1.  Recipe problem if you want crispness why you need to add sorbital?

2.  Baking issue if your final moisture at production stage itself 7.7 then how it will be crispness?

3.  Filling getting dried irrespective of your baking, recipe etc.,

My suggestions,

1.  Remove sorbital from recipe.  Balance the recipe with same pH of 6.5-7

2.  Baking to be done at high temperature and low baking time.  You adjust the final moisture at the factory packing at 2.5-3%  Pl do not think that if you bake at high temperature the filling get dried.  The shell should be crisp then only inside chocolate can be enjoyed.  Keep the moisture at initial zone and completely remove in final zones.

3.  Now check the filling capability.  Is it heat stable?  take some qty and heat it separetly in a small thick vessel upto 100-120*c ( only to heat not to boil or keep heating) and cool it up to room temperature.  Now check the viscosity should not change from the initial stage (ie as received it should become) and there should not be any loss also as chocolate should not contain any moisture.  If it got dried your chocolate is not good.  for best results try dark chocolate than milk chocolate.

which kind of machine you are using Hass or Comos?

pl check above points and if found useful please revert for further suggestions

Answered on 08.11.2018.

Hi Mr.Nassar,

I think ,Problem is in the filling recipe.

You should use heat stable fat in the chocolate cream.


Osman Kırmızı

Answered on 04.12.2018.

dear Jean;

if u need any consultancy for that product. I can help to u. Im the expert of these type of products...bakestable fat based cream inside cookie products.. I have made so many times... 

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