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Asked on 24.09.2020.

Food technologist

We have some new plans and we are looking for an external technological help.

Do you know anybody who would be willing to come to our premises and provide a consultancy?

We are producing sheeted crackers, lay products (sticks and pretzels) and puff pastry products.

Looking for a long-term cooperation.

Answered on 25.09.2020.

Hi Tomas! I think I can help, you can contact me at my email:

Kind Regards

Answered on 26.09.2020.

Dear Tomas,

I would ve delighted to provide Consultancy Services. You may contact me in the Contact details form in the Section of Consulting Services of the current website, selecting Sevastos Bakery & Food Consulting Services.

Kind Regards,

Christos Sevastos

Answered on 27.09.2020.

Hi Tomas

It will be a pleasure to assist you in your project. I have consulted for biscuit and cake companies in more than 40 countries. I can help you to develop all type of crackers including pretzels. Please feel free to contact me on and whatsapp 00923335189674.

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