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Asked on 19.09.2019.
Cracker cutter - pilot

Hi all,

Anybody that can recommend a cutter for crackers for pilot test? Ideally it should be a cutter equipped with docker pins, i imagine something with a spring inside the cutter to perforate with the pins when cutting. 

Hope anyone can give some good advice here. 

Br Christian 

Answered on 19.09.2019.

Hi dear

For small pilot you can find  it in shops like the following link:



Answered on 16.10.2019.

Hello Christian

Cutting/dockering roll manufacturers (Errebi, Padovani, Graver indústria Mecânica, etc..) usually make these trial lab cutters for you, in the shape you want. Check for your local manufacturer.

I don't think that it is the case, but, if you want something more sophisticated/expensive, try:

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