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Asked on 10.10.2018.

Cookies crumbliness

Product: wirecute cookies

Product is egg and milk cookies and facing issue of crumbliness, softness. we tried to adjust from reducing fat quantities and from mixing sequence but issue still persisting. 

product is getting crumbly, it means crumbs particals appear in packed product. what can be the root causes and possible solutions to solve the issue on permanent basis??

Accepted answer
Answered on 25.10.2018.


Following is my suggestion,

In existing mixing,

1.  Find out high gluten flour.  and if issue of roughness is there you can very well adjust the mixing time.

2.  Mostly in Egg cookies this problem is there.  You can increase the moisture level in cookies it is recommended that you can go up to 3-4%.  Another suggestion is slightly reduce the qty of Egg, If the Egg qty is more than 2% on total dough qty, I would say you can keep the egg quantity as 2% and add some emulsifiers.  More over please add glycerin at around 1.5-2% to keep the moisture after baking.

3.  If you are using low protein flour use the 2nd suggestion and increase the mixing time and standing time.

4.  Pl make sure that steam dampers are closed in initial zones and in final zone you are keeping at least 25% of steam to retain some moisture in cookies.

5.  If your final moisture product standard is around 1% the crumbliness will happen.

6.  when you are adding rework powder make sure that you are adding the same in final stage of creaming and then add wheat flour.  If you are adding with wheat flour or adding during mixing final stage you get to have crumbliness as powder would have not hydrated enough.

Pl revert with your experiment with above suggestions. 

Answered on 18.10.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

Are you using plasticised fat ?   Do you have any way of reducing the dough temp ......  replacing some of the water with ice perhaps.   If the dough easily coats your hand in oil then it would suggest the problem is fat related..... either reduce fat and or dough temp and possibly you may need to reduce the amount of fat in the recipe even further than you already have.  

Also worth trying...  reduce water  (which will reduce diameter)    and then close extraction dampers in Z1 (and possibly Z2)  to compensate.



Answered on 12.10.2018.

Dear Mr. Khan

You can try several more things to decrease crumbliness in your product:

1. Change flour, maybe take high protein flour and mix it with low protein flour. 

2. you can try increasing water by 1-2% in your formulations.

3. you can try substituting some amount of sugar with liquid sugar, they will act as humectants.

These are some things you can try to reduce crumbliness.


Shorya kapoor

Answered on 13.10.2018.

More water is not recommended in this regard it make product more soft and breakable.

Answered on 17.10.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

A couple of things that may help you.      Firstly are you using biscuit dust/crumb in your recipe ?   If not, a simple trick is to add it.  Up to 10% of the flour weight is normal with typically an extra 2 kgs of water for 10 kg of dust/crumb as a rough guide.     The second thing is to look at the crumb to crust ratio.  The thicker the crust the more likely you are to get crumb particles through your wrapping machines and on into the pack.   If you reprofile your bake to allow a reduction of heat in the early stages of the oven you should avoid formation of a thick crust . 

Answered on 17.10.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

Sorry forgot to mention that if you find the addition of crumb works for you (it usually does) then you will need to check the impact on your acrylamide level as it is bound to increase.



Answered on 17.10.2018.

respected John, We are already adding the crumb (rework) in biscuit. with rework addition and without it is same. kindly advise further in this regards??

Answered on 25.10.2018.

Respected Mr. Subramaniam,

Very good suggestions indeed i will try and revert back to you.

This question is resolved.
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