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Asked on 12.01.2022.

Chocolate filling

Good Day 

I am planning to produce chocolate filling using a ball mill machine. This filling will be encrusted in a cookie. What is the best heat stable fat to use to avoid burning of the filling and also the fat sugar ratio? All information regarding this will be appreciated.



Accepted answer
Answered on 14.01.2022.


I assume what you mean by burning is hardening of the filling during baking. This is a problem that can be caused by ingredients like milk powder so the cream formulation should contain minimal quantities of this  

The type of fat used is important to obtain a soft consistency during extrusion and after baking. A suitable fat is often semi liquid at room temperature and can be sourced from a specialist supplier of fats & oils particularly companies that make fats for chocolate coatings and fillings

I hope this helps

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 14.01.2022.

You can contact me.  Im the expert of that type co extruded bakestable liquid fat based  filling biscuit .

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