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Asked on 13.02.2022.

Cheese snack cracker without fermentation.

We are making squares cheese crackers with fermentation.  We think for scheduling it would make more sense to the smaller snack cracker with out fermentation.(kind of like a goldfish) The recipes are coming out bland when we tried to make them like the squares. 

We will now start to place all ingredients in first(primary) stage then dump flour. Lay time of an hour or two won’t hurt but would like to minimize time after mix. 

Any advice? 

Answered on 14.02.2022.

Dear Stewart,

Pl add Neutraze enzyme from Novasyme by 50 to 60gms per 100kgs of wheat flour.  Enzyme tobe added with wheat flour.  Standing time will wary from 10 to 15mts.  If you want to have slight yeast note you can add yeast along with what flour. ( quantity is less than 1% on wheat flour basis.) 

fix the standing time by various trials.  Also please check mixing time.  Over mixing time will give lot of elongation on dough and process is difficult.  so fix the mixing time from 6mts to 8mts.

if you get stack up enzyme from Novazyme you can add the same at the rate of 20 to 25gms per batch--100kgs of wheat flour.

Answered on 28.04.2022.

Hi Stewart

One of the bi-poducts of yeast fermentation in doughs is the production of Lactic Acid which creates the  sour/acidic taste liked in cheese cracker. 

If you don't ferment the dough this acidity is achieved by adding Lactic Acid solution to the dough during mixing at about 0.75% of the flour weight. When Lactic Acid is used don't add any Sodium Bicarbonate to the dough just use Ammonium Bicarbonate. 

Other ingredients such as Autolysed Yeast can be added to further increase the "Cheesy" taste

Best Regards


Answered on 27.07.2022.

I believe there are many approaches to delivering a acceptable cheese cracker that meets your consumer needs while differentiating from your competitors. Cheese flavor and texture are driven by a number of factors such as fermentation, cheese type and amount , topical salt and fat level , finished product moisture , pH and spices . All of these factors will help you drive acceptance which meet your consumer expectations. Fermentation can be achieved by either sponge and dough or a straight dough contains low levels of yeast. Sponge and dough will always be the preferred means of delivering flavor but I have seen acceptable product made from a straight dough process supplemented with AYE, deactivated yeast and spices . Topping salt  and topping oil  will always consumer acceptability , while lower pH is preferred. 

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