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Asked on 02.08.2018.

Cheese Crackers, puffing, hard crust soft crumb

I am working on a cheese cracker, I am using fresh yeast at 0.9% also using chemical leaveners, SMBS, enzymes, dough conditioner in my formulation. After baking crackers are getting hard outside and soft inside, no light and crispy texture sometime it also get puffed, my target is to achieve thin and light and crispy cracker.

Answered on 02.08.2018.

I think you have to work on yeast, enzyme and smbs combination in right way.  Here found to be imbalanced.  What is the dough ph you are getting?

Answered on 02.08.2018.

Explain your fermentation time and sequence of mixing.

Sometimes variation is showing ur process control parameters are deviating.

Explain ur question a bit more?

Answered on 02.08.2018.

Uncertain puffing and texture are showing it.

It is also possible to make cheese cracker without fermentation and all things are normal and cracker quality is ok as well. 

Answered on 02.08.2018.

pls explain more.. more details.  do you have any target products? ritz.. tuc.. goldfish .. cheezeit etc? 

Answered on 02.08.2018.

and also if you share your basic recipe.. I can help and develop  your recipe.. 

Answered on 04.08.2018.

One of my previous organization RND developed cheese cracker straight method no yeast. You can develop it without fermentation.

Answered on 07.08.2018.

Hi Nasir any development or problem resolved?

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