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Asked on 23.02.2022.

Brown rice crackers with easy melting effect

Hi everyone. My team and I are trying to develop a recipe for baked gluten free & allergen free (incl lactose) snack with the brown rice flour being dominant ingredient. The aim is to have a crunchy first bite but then to have an easy melting effect with high dissolvabilty in the mouth, but we are not close to that due to the high level of wholegrain brown rice flour, I guess. We are working on the sheeting line technology

Indicative products in the market that are brown rice crackers are the following: Milton's Gluten Free Crispy Sea Salt Crackers, Simply Nature Gluten Free Brown Rice Crackers, Nabisco Triscuit Brown Rice Sea Salt & Black Pepper Crackers, GreenWise Brown Rice Crackers Gluten Free Multigrain Flaxseed.

Does anyone has any experience on the above approach? Is there any specific variety of brown rice flour that is suitable for these type of applications? Is there any specific process that should be followed or material that we should use to give a soft texture and the desired effect?

Thank you.

Answered on 16.03.2022.


I think u have to make real rice cracker sembei type which is spongy eating quality . melting very easily in baby mouth... it is not a standart cracker technology. I have seen in my Chinese visiting . u have make firstly pellet and later 2stage u have to bake the pellet in other oven  after 24 hours later

Answered on 24.02.2022.


I've been working with gluten free bread, pizza's doughs, and cakes. 

The aim is to achieve a better balance between rice and other flours. Sometimes I use also potato or corn or tapioca starch, even pea starch may be interesting. But as thinner as better. I mean the granulometry of the flour should be as thiner as possible. I also use some other ingredients, like vegetable fibers, xantana, bamboo, psyllium and HPMC, to give some structure. I had done tests with LBG and linseed flour given very good results in terms of softness.  Well these are some ways. I hope to have helped. 

If there would be something else, please, just let me know. My regards.

Answered on 09.03.2022.

Dear Sonia,
Thank you for your respond, it was very helpful. We took under our consideration your thoughts about the granulometry of flour and we are planning to try it. Thanks again.

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