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Asked on 05.01.2020.

Blister Problem

How to solve the blister problem in Enzyme Crackers/Ritz Crackers biscuit.

Accepted answer
Answered on 14.01.2020.

Hello Mr Basak,

The coagulation of internal air bubbles is the primary reason behind this technical issue. Please kindly share with me the emulsifier which you are using, as well as the composition of the raising agents in terms of alkalinity and acidulants which are used.

Please also inform me about the Mixing which you are following in terms of duration in slow and high speed.

Thank you in advance.

Answered on 09.01.2020.

Dear Mr. Tanmoy

I need details on following so the I can try to give solution

1.  what kind of enzyme is used

2.  whether your country allowing smbs to add in biscuit making

3.  what kind of oven you are using how many zones what kind of heat circulation or heat applied on the biscuit (e.g radiation, cyclotherm etc,)

Pl give the details so that i can able to think and tell the solution

Answered on 18.01.2020.

Dear Mr Tanmoy

I am also doing enzyme crackers where i am not getting any blisters.  If you are having DATEM please add to the fat at 0.12% of wheat flour used.  Datem will give very smooth dough and you can process the same.  

Please add datem in creaming stage and avoid other emulsifiers being used.  Please use the enzyme with Wheat flour.  

Even then also blisters are there please increase the steam availability in initial three zones if your oven is more than 225feet.  

Or you can give mild water mist on the wet biscuit on run in of the band.  ( this is not recommended as it may spoil the band in regular use.  Please use this technique if above two not giving result.)

This question is resolved.
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