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4 answers
Dear All Group Members,  According to your experience , what would be the best emulsifier for soft and hard dough type biscuits ? Is it possible to replace the Lesitin totally in the formulation ?  Regards  Rasika Ekanayake 
4 answers
Can anyone help to me for bakestable cream cheese recipe for savoury? 
2 answers
Dear All Group Members I need to know the best solution for packet leak detection method  for biscuits and chocolate industry.  If you know any commercial brand or names please let me know .   Regards Rasika Ekanayake 
Dear all, Is there anyone who uses maple syrup in biscuits or cakes? Could you tell me your experiences?
2 answers
Dear All, How heat treatment affects the biscuit flour? Is this usual aplication or not?
8 answers
I formulate a Snack cracker similar to ritz or club type, and i got the adequate texture, color and flavor in the finished product, but the surface of the biscuit is rough. What can I do to get a smooth surface in this cracker type? Thank You
2 answers
What type and combination of rubber should be used in rotary moulder rubber roller and cutting line rubber roller? Give any standard references please. 
3 answers
Dear All,  Could you suggest any protease enzyme brand for wafer batter?
8 answers
Dear all What is the best way, method or solution to clean my belt oven, We have many carbon on top of it even after running the cleaning brush.  
1 answer
Hello my friends,  I work at a biscuit factory and found that our furnace manuals were scrapped. We are finding it very difficult to get back to suppliers because the equipment was manufactured in the 90's. I wonder if any of you would have any oper...
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