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Asked on 22.04.2023.

Water Crackers

Would like to know if someone can help with the best mixing and fermentation process for Water Crackers and how to get the best results of bubbles without blisters.Thank you

Answered on 24.04.2023.

Normally horizontal mixers are used. The balance of the recipe and the conditions of the dough (temperature, humidity and PH) are important. Later in the fermentation process, the trays must be placed in controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. Normally the time is around 8 to 10 hours.

In order not to get blisters, the relaxation of the dough, the design of the mold and the humidity and temperature conditions in the first areas of the oven are important. It is key to have high humidity in the first areas of the oven.

Best regards!


Answered on 02.09.2023.

Adding to Omar's result, some manufacturera inject steam at the oven entrance to minimise the risk of blistering. Contact the oven manufacturer for details.

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