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Asked on 09.07.2018.

Wafer stick

Wafer roll

Dear all , any wonder any courses provided for wafer roll process . We have issue of very fragile .

Unwind at the end , and very fragile even tho stick well before cooling . We tried spray some mist on baked wafer sheet but still.

Here's my batter recipe

Flour 25kg

Water 30kg (10c water)

Sugar 16kg

Cornstarch 400g

Salt 300g

Oil 500g

Lecithin 500g

Answered on 09.07.2018.

Dear Lee!

Spraying some water i usually very helpful to glue the layers to each other. If that is not enough it might be necessary to increase the amount of sugar or to add 1 kg of Fructose. Also increasing the baking temperature supports the adhesion of the layers.

At HAAS in Austria we do offer courses on the wafer stick oven. If you are interested, feel free to get in direct contact with me.

Best regards,


Answered on 12.07.2018.

may be u contact with zds

Answered on 16.07.2018.


The texture of flute wafers always is delicate. If additionally the wafer band is very porous, the fragility becomes excessive. So I think you have to use different kind of flour which has lower water absorption and increases the batter solids by reducing the water by adding 5% of starch. Or you have to add  fibers such as cellulose powder, wheat fiber powder, or bran powders milled to flour fineness.

For unwinding at the end ,

1. increase the sugar level in the recipe or add a second sugar or syrup in order to increase the level of components being sticky while hot

2. Increase the counter pressure of the pressing roller for a tighter sealing

Answered on 16.07.2018.

You can try some different flour with gluten range 8 to 9%. Increase also cornstarch quantity in ur recipe.

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