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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 08.12.2017.

Wafer cooling

In wafer cooling tunnel how to avoid condensation and water droplets on wafer books during high humidity seasons ?

Answered on 12.12.2017.

The surface temperature of the wafers should be above the dew point at the given relative humidity.

Usually you are safe with a cooling temperature between 12°C and 14°C.

Answered on 17.04.2018.

You are using it in a too low temperature, below dew point. If this is being necessary to get a solid wafer book, you should try proper crystallizing your cream with a SSHE (scraped surface heat exchanger) system, before application, change the fat spec (more solids), increase solid content in your cream (with cocoa, bulking agents, rework, etc.), or reduce aeration, if you use it. Then you could raise your tunnel temperature. 

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