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Asked on 03.08.2022.

Uneven Color of a Cream Cracker

Hi to all!

We are new players in the cracker industry and would like to address our problem and seek some advice from knowledgeable people.

We are producing a cream cracker (like malkist) and we encounter uneven color in baking, the right side of the oven conveyor is darker compared to the left side. We have tunnel type oven (Direct Fire Oven).

Hoping for your advice and thank you in advance  

Answered on 03.08.2022.

There are a few factors here to address the uneven bake you are experiencing with your product. 

First you need to assure piece weights are uniform across the oven band . If weights are skewed driven by condition and set up of the final gauge rolls can influence both product color and finish product moisture. Evaluating piece weight, color , finished product moisture at the oven exit is highly recommended as the first step to assure your addressing the root cause . 

Once assured product weights etc. are uniform across the oven band you need to evaluate oven burner condition and distribution of the flame across the oven band.  Cleaning or replacement of burners ,  adjustment of gas to individual burners should also looked at by your maintenance team. 

If tri burners exist in your oven you can adjust those burners to redistribute heat in those zones to rebalance burner distribution where needed . 

Condition of your oven exhaust and damper  settings are another area which should be inspected. 

Instruments exist such as moles, scorpions etc. to measure heat distribution in the oven should be utilized. These tools are a must ti any bakery , this will allow you to understand both heat distribution across the oven band and in what zones they are occurring in. 

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