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Asked on 11.06.2021.

What should be the ideal length of tunnel oven for small scale cracker production?

Tunnel oven for biscuit snack crackers (output = 50-100kg/hour):

  • What should be the ideal length of tunnel oven for small scale cracker production ?
  • How many temperature zones required to get the intended final product, and length of each zone ?
  • What should be the width and height of tunnel oven ?

Please find attached image of intended final product for reference. 


Answered on 18.06.2021.

Dear Haria

To decide the output, you must come to conclusion on the product you like to do.  If any product in your mind is there take that product and come to conclusion on size and count per kg.  If you tell the count per kg of final product with or without oil dipping it is easy to calculate the length and width of the oven also to decide on GR, Laminator, Mixer as well Packing machine requirement.  

Answered on 14.06.2021.

The length and width of the tunnel oven depends on how you propose to feed the crackers onto the oven band which should be done continously with even spacing  and no gaps so do you have a sheet and cut line which you would use or would this also need to be sourced ? As the width of the sheeting system needs to match the oven band it would be useful to know this before determining the oven length

Answered on 14.06.2021.

Good Morning.

For this kind of product, you can considere 20-25 kg/h/m2. In this way, you need a little bit tunel oven. It´s best to you an stationary oven for this volume, but if you want a tunnel oven, I sugger to you an 800x30000mm, because you need, at least, 3 zones to do a good product, and I recommend a direct gas at the first zone, at least.

Good Luck,

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