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Asked on 20.10.2017.

Topping salt detaching from crackers between application and packaging

What is the best way to assure that the topping salt in crackers will not detach from the product until packaging? Is there any better salt type or salt crystal weight for this? what is the best distance from salt applicator to conveyor belt?

Answered on 20.11.2017.

Some detachment of salt is inevitable and position of salt applicator will have minimal effect on this.  Number of transfer points all the way to packing, percentage of salt, oven band vibration etc will all have an impact on the amount detached.

You might consider sprinkling the salt pre-cut rather than post- cut as this helps to gently embed the salt crystals into the dough surface due to the action of cut and emboss rollers on the dough sheet.   However if choosing this option you would need to calculate the amount of salt being returned into the dough sheet via the topping carried on the returned scrap lattice and reduce recipe content accordingly.

Answered on 21.11.2017.

Yes salt sprinkler should be before cut the dough sheet.  But here also there will be some loss as salt will not get pressed to the dough as due to docker pins.  If you find the salt loss is too much and need to be addressed pl try following suggestions

1.  Keep the salt sprinkler before cut.

2.  See that salt is dry and have not moisture more than 5%

3.  Between sprinkler and cutter keep weight less pvc roller and gently press so that only salt get pressed and weight of the dough piece not change or not stick to cutting web.  This arrangement you can do with screw handle with ball bearing on both side and you are able to adjust minimully

S Srini

Answered on 26.10.2017.

But do you see the loss of salt after backing, or during some passage in cooling conveyor or during the break into pieces?

In my experience if the salt sprinkler machine is around 8 cm from the product or 15 don't change nothing.... Ok not 30 cm..

Answered on 09.12.2017.

Yes, some % of salt will be separated during the various after steps in the whole process.
Best way to reduce the falling of salt apart is putting a PVC roller and press the salt gently inside the dough piece. This roller can be placed after the salt sprinkler and before the panner web.

Answered on 27.10.2017.

Andrea: yes, after baking

Answered on 30.10.2017.

What type of oven using?

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