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Asked on 02.09.2021.

Rotary Moulded Crackers

HI All,

I am currently trying to make a dairylea style cracker in a rotary moulder,  The product visually looks really good and very similar to the branded version but I keep getting comments from the customer that they are digestive like.  I have very little sugar in the mix and replaced the glucose syrup for rice syrup, so sweetness should be lower. 

Is there anything I am missing?  I have used all if the ingredients from the BOP on Dairylea.



Answered on 02.09.2021.

Dear Aine, crackers are most commonly laminated doughs. But, in your case - rotary moulded - maybe you could try things to make then more like laminated and crackers ones, for example, decreasing thickness, improving "salty" tastes - example cheese and real butter - instead of butter cream, or butter vanilla.  I suggest you work on texture, trying to make them more light and aerated, but also hard.

Answered on 03.09.2021.

Hi Aine,

I don't know the dairylea cracker, however by the pictures I can find I would suggest you look at how products like 'TUC' Crackers are made. They are sheeted, so making them with a rotary moulder would give a completely different product. To make the product lighter and less compact you could try in your lab to make a sheeted version first, then transferring it.

We've done something similar for a customer who wanted to copy products as well from a company that made sheeted products to their rotary moulder. 

Good luck!

Answered on 03.09.2021.

Dear Aine

As Mr Jos told when I look at pictures of dairylea products it clearly says that it is laminated sheeted and cut through rotatory cutter.  Not rotary moulder.  So please see how you can sheet it and cut it,, then you will get all the results.

Answered on 07.09.2021.

Hi Aine;

all my friends said that true.. dairylea brand products are standart crackers.. sheeted and rotary cutting... but ıf u have only rotary moulder line, of course why not u ... u can make rotary moulder salty biscuit which is also digestive.. oat cakes etc..

ıf u need any suppporting u can contact with me..



like that:

Answered on 14.01.2022.

I think u dont have rotary cutting system. so u want to make it with rotary moulding system..

am I right ? 

your problem is eating quality is similar to digestive cookie. want to make it more harder ?  PLS DECREASE THE FAT minimum level

your problem is only eating ? or taste is also sweet. u want to make more salty ?  INCREASE THE SALT  ..

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