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Asked on 23.12.2022.

Required length of cooling conveyor

What is the required length of the cooling conveyor for a 100ft tunnel oven baking soda crackers? The band is 1 meter wide.  

Answered on 24.12.2022.


It’s important to note that moisture continues to be lost after baking as the cracker cools from 100 ˚C to about 30 ˚C and the cooling should not be too rapid.

The cooling time of most biscuits including soda crackers should be 1.5 times the baking time so for a 100 ft oven you would need the cooling conveyor length to be 150 ft. The crackers should match the layout on the oven band and the cooling conveyor shouldn’t be exposed to draughts of air which could cause uneven moisture loss and may induce “checking”.

To help even out the moisture loss the crackers are normally turned over about halfway through the cooling process. Before packing the cracker, temperature should be approximately 30 ̊C to prevent condensation forming inside the wrapper

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 26.12.2022.

Hi Mr. Wong,

Cooling length should be 1.5times of the oven length.  Also please note that liner speed of the conveyor should match the liner speed of the oven belt.  If you keep the length 1,5times and speed the conveyor then actual, the required cooling will not happen.  You may keep slightly faster than oven band liner speed but not very high.  More over please see that at no point of time forced cooling happening on the biscuits.

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