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Asked on 02.10.2018.

Oil absorption time in crackers

How to determine the best oil absorption time in crackers? How to determine the temperature effect?

Answered on 02.10.2018.
There is no hard and fast rule for determining it. Normally within 4 to 6 seconds are sufficient for this activity. If anyone have any method can share with us.

What do you mean by temperature effect?
Answered on 02.10.2018.

Temperature almost effective cracker biscuits. 

Answered on 02.10.2018.


it is very important to apply oil onto the cracker. I think... u have to make that application in max. 10 seconds after oven immediatelly..

the temperature is also important .. max 45C is very imortant for fat shelf life.. so u can use ideally 35-40 C is enough good absorbtion oil from cracker

the fat parameters are important. pls review that page..

and also u can search that web page for understand of equipment working procedure..

Answered on 02.10.2018.

Hi ,

Largely it depends on the type or blend of oils you are using.    45C is pretty much safe on all counts , functionality and shelf-life.  Your oil supplier will give you the most accurate advice based on blend and application.

In my view you can be a bit more relaxed than some previous suggestions as to time from exiting the oven to spraying the oil.    Many ovens have quite lengthy run out sections on the oven from oven exit to oven drum.   Then add stripper web length and depending on the bake speed the time is more likely to be measured in minutes rather than seconds.   The temperature of the product exiting the oven is likely to be circa 90 -100 C.  After a minute the temp will barely have dropped by 10C so no issue with spraying at those temps.

From a safety point of view you would not choose to locate your oil spray close to the oven exit. 

Answered on 03.10.2018.

Absorption time parameters

1. Bakıng profile .because Thé crust Thick news of cracker

2. Thé oil specification and aplication temp.

3. Packaging temperatures

All of them effect thé Aabsorption of oil form cracker

Answered on 05.10.2018.


The oil absorption in the cracker variety has following critical factors.

1.  Normally cracker will absorb around 10-12% oil and it required that we spray such oil to absorb.

2.  But this can be reduced for the cost factor and can be adjusted.

3.  Oil must be around 40-42*c but at very high temperature as it will promote oxidation

4.  Oil must be heated for smooth pumping through pipe lines and spray through disc uniformly and spread on the biscuit also will be good.

5.  OIl dipping period should be decided as per the count per kg you are going to fix as per the cost you decide.  but good to have 10% oil dipping.  If you go for 8% increase the speed and reduce the oil input in the oil dipping unit.  But less than that will cause tasteless biscuits and colour will not be uniform in the final product.  

6.  So heat the oil for smooth pumping and fine distribution, decide the oil dipping time as per the count per kg you are fixing on the final product and adjust the dipping speed and oil input through frequency drive attached pump.

7.  Another important thing is oil dipping done when the biscuit is in hot condition so it is better to dip the oil as soon as it is out from oven.  Please do not cool the biscuit and dip the oil where the oil absorption by biscuit will reduce as crust and crump already cooled and no scope of oil getting inside the crump.

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