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Asked on 01.05.2018.

NKZzero 5 square crackers

we run square crackers along our NKZ zero 5 unit and have almost 50% waste due to cavana stoppages, this is from biscuits falling out of the carousel transfer and when the slug pulls along the carry chain it gets stuck along the way and makes the slug "explode" 

when square shaped crackers transfer from the SBF along to the carousel upon entering the carousel they are misaligned and cause biscuits to fall over or fall out of slug and when they go along the carry chain they cause the slug to "explode".

tried to explain it in 2 diff ways .

Answered on 03.05.2018.

Plz can you share the actual video of running the actual phenomenon of wastage?

one possible reason can be timing out of pusher chain/carry chain. chain is not carrying the biscuit you can set the timing from its CAM or from PLC.

Above is huge wastage.

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