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Asked on 01.07.2018.
Rnd outsource

Hi , I'm looking for Rnd outsource , making low aw caramel or fruit jam filling . Application for wafers and biscuit 

Answered on 01.07.2018.

Hi Lee

David Dowie is your man - a real expert in the field

You can find him on LinkedIn

Let me know if you are interested talking to him & I'll drop him an email so he knows you're coming

Kind regards


Answered on 02.07.2018.

Dear Lee,

We have developed several applications on fillings for wafers and biscuits as well. Please contact us on info(at)bakeryacademy(dot)com so we can make a good offer for you.



Answered on 04.07.2018.


Caramel is for wafer ok.. but fruit filling is also for wafer inside?

 If u need caramel filling low aw for wafer .I can help. 

Pls u can contact me.. I can help..

Answered on 18.07.2018.

There is a supplier who can provide you jam bake stable from Pakistan if you say I can send his contact and he can provide you jam samples for trials.

Answered on 20.07.2018.

may be u can contact with starch or hydrocolloids company.. they can also give basic recipe for u.. if u want .pls contact mr. I can advice the company names with u..

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