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Asked on 14.09.2018.

Laminator RPM speed for soda crackers

What is the rpm that a 4-6 roll laminatos shold work. Should all rollers work at same RPM´s?

Accepted answer
Answered on 16.09.2018.

Dear Jose, You cant keep the RPMs of your laminator rollers as same. you have to deviate the speeds depending upon you dough sheet thickness. with more thickness you have to decrease the speeds. the speed standard can not be same like for any line product laminator with your line laminator. it depends uopn laminator and type of product you are running.

normally 5 to 7 layers of laminator are used you can increase the layers if facing the issues in product stack height.

Answered on 15.09.2018.

Dear Mr.Jose,

Laminator Gauge roll speed will vary according to the thickness of the dough input and thickness of the dough output.  If you want to run all the gauge roll at same speed they you have to adjust the thickness and speed of the web according to the speed of the gauge roll which is not correct this may lead to rough sheet and thickness reduction becomes cumbersome.  

So it is better to see that the dough sheet formation is seam less without any more stress on the dough and speed of the web, thickness and gauge roll speed adjusted to get proper sheet.

for cracker type of doughs it is better to keep 7 to 10 layers at laminator out and I gauge roll feed web.  This will give you perfect sheen cracker biscuits after oil spray. 

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