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Asked on 28.05.2018.

In a laminated cracker line, Should the final gauge rollers be tapered?

In a laminated cracker line, Should the final gauge rollers be tapered or its diameter must be the same along its lenght? Wich is the best option? 

Accepted answer
Answered on 28.05.2018.

its diameter should be same along its length but if there is any difference in thickness of sheet then can be machinated to smooth the surface of both rollers. moreover both rollers should have same diameter. in new biscuit lines there is option in PLC you can equal the sheet thickness from both near and far side.

Answered on 29.05.2018.

The final gauge rollers'  diameter must be the same along its lenght. but in the middle of dough can be higher .and dough edges can be thinner.. so you have to set the dough edges by manuelly with turning the steering Wheel so you can get the minimum difference in weight of the crackers. 

Answered on 31.05.2018.

Normally final gauge roll speed will be higher as it will give the final dough sheet thickness on what we decided on the product.  So normally the dia of the roll will be bigger than other gauge rolls to reduce the speed there by reduce the heat generation and sheet sticking doubling or stressing is reduced.  If gauge rolls are kept tapered, then keeping the weight across the width of the sheet is difficult.  When you are running at higher speed to get the maximum utilization of the machine no tapering is recommended.  This is my view. 

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