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Asked on 14.08.2020.

Improvement of shelf life and stability of recipe for hardough biscuits

I manufacture an artisan recipe for hard dough biscuits/crackers. 

I use natural ingredients only, no preservatives. 

The main ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable shortening, instant dry yeast for fermentation, sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, salt, and sugar. Very simple but nicely accepted.

I am introducing the product in mass markets, but I cannot make it last long on shelves. Product is only stable for 3 months; after that, flavor changes and not nicely.

I pack products in pouches of BOPP CPP bags, 30 microns, sealed by heat.

I would like to keep the formula stable for at least 4 months, preserve flavor without chemical additions to the recipe.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much...

Answered on 18.08.2020.

Hello Jose,  how are you? 

Please, do you use whole wheat flour?  

The change that is happening is a kind of oxidation, or a bitter taste?

My best regards

Sonia Broglio

Answered on 19.08.2020.

Jose, do you have any idea which offtaste you get?

Do you loose the taste as function of time?

Which type of fat do use? What is the shelflife of the fat at the moment of production. 

Did you put the problem ar the supplier of the fat. Palm oil quality can be  a problem.

Gabrie Lansbergen, fatsforfoods consultant.

Answered on 19.08.2020.

hi Jose;

1. pls can u share the fat with me? iodine index  is very important for fats.. may be u have to use hyd. veg. fat with soma antioxidant also. ıf your fat is sunflower, olive oil etc.. u can use palm oil..

2. do u use wheat flour.. white or wholewheat flour? the bran and germ residue is very important for flour . lipase activity is so important for peroxide parameters ..



Answered on 21.08.2020.

Dear Jose,

Being in the bakery field you must be well aware of the veg shortening you use.  Pl check how you bake the biscuits.  If it is a trolley oven, as you mentioned it is artisan bakery then water removal from the Hard dough Or Cracker is difficult with Trolley oven.  Please check the moisture after cooling.   If steam removal system in the oven is good please adjust the dampers to get the moisture of final product at right values.  If the moisture is more than 2% what ever you pack or what ever you use good ingredients the oil/fat present in the product will spoil the biscuits.  What is water activity you get in the finished biscuit?  please look into these aspects.  If you get the moisture of 1.5 to 2% and water activity below 0.8 then your product may extend the shelf life.  If you use Met BOPP and CCP also will give good result at 30-35micron total laminate thickness.

Answered on 01.12.2020.

Dear Jose

Check if your line belts, bands and rolls are well sanitized, free of odours. You may want to scrap  them to collect residues for a peroxide analysis. Also, check if you have anti-oxidants in you fat shortening, even if it has high melting point.

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