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Asked on 28.02.2023.

Using Hot Air to Prevent Dough Sticking in Gauging Rolls: Is it the Best Option?

In one of my travels, I saw a factory using hot air on the cracker dough surface, between gauging rolls. Is this the best option when compared with room temperature or cold air, for mitigating dough sticking to rolls?


Answered on 02.03.2023.

Hi Jose,

It is dual on my experience:

on one side you don't want to use dusting flour so you require some skin to prevent the dough from sticking to the rollers as a result of the pressure

on the other side the dough temperature is partly reason why these dry cracker doughs are so flexible (as there is not a lot of fat, sugar and water in) and the risk in some environments is that the dough looses a lot of temperature between reducing steps.

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