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Asked on 04.07.2018.

Gluten free stick cracker

Can u share any gluten free stick cracker  industrial recipe.. as a rotary cutter and extruder 2 type recipes pls..

Answered on 05.07.2018.

I will try to find specifically for extruder product but for sheeter it is quite challenging to make the mix/sheet with gluten. bcz dough strength will be week and you have to add somthing to counter that issue.

Answered on 05.07.2018.

thnx Mr Khan. yes ..sheeted form is very difficult to get same stability of gluten complex. may be using some hyrocolloids.. gums.. modified starch etc.. to get machinable form. Im also trying.. and there will be broken problem after baking in packages.. so u have to think all parameters..

Answered on 06.07.2018.

Thank you Mrs Beyhan Ozenli, i have shared some useful book hope you have to pick some recipe and develop it. plz check and share your feedback meanwhile if any other material i will share with you.

Answered on 12.07.2018.

thank u Mr Khan. I will start the trials next week. I will search your documents and share my feedback. 

Answered on 21.07.2018.

Study this below artical hopefully it will help:

What are four ingredients that will elevate your gluten-free cookies? Protein, hydrocolloids, konjac flour, transglutaminase and pre-gelatinized starch. Learn more here: #glutenfree#cookies#glutenfreecookies#bakingingredients

Answered on 25.07.2018.

not gluten free cookies. Im searching gluten free stick cracker  for rotary cutting system..

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